Choosing between managed services and IT consulting services is not very difficult. The two services cater to different requirements and hiring a consultant where you need managed services will just not work. Similarly, finalizing a managed services contract in place of a consultation contract will not serve the purpose. However, choosing to outsource to a third-party IT support company may seem cheaper than paying for a managed IT contract. Read ahead for an overview of the benefits of a managed services contract with a reputed IT support company as compared to outsourcing work to a third-party service provider.

For starters, outsourcing work to an IT support company will make it impossible to ensure the service is provided as per your firm’s standards. The IT support company will follow its own standards and norms, which may not be as good or as customer-friendly as your own standards. This minor aspect can become a huge disadvantage if your customers are not happy with the quality of service offered by the IT support company. On the other hand, having a managed services contract with an IT support company will help you ensure the infrastructure is maintained according to your standards.

Secondly, outsourcing work to an IT support company can prove to be a very risky decision if your firm handles a lot of private and confidential information. Restricting access to confidential data will be easier if the IT support company has assigned a team to manage your infrastructure. You just need to vet the security credentials of the team and make sure the employees of the IT support company follow your security regulations. You cannot make sure your data is not mishandled if you outsource the entire task to an IT support company.

Finally, a managed contract gives you the opportunity to expand your scale of operations. Outsourcing work will mean that you will have no experience of buying equipment, establishing the infrastructure, and operating a full-fledged IT department. In a managed services contract, the task of day-to-day management will be delegated while you remain responsible for the overall setup.

You should consider your personal needs and requirements when comparing managed services deals with outsourcing contracts. Make sure you do research on the Internet and rely on unbiased source of information, advice, and guidance.

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Managed Services Contract Vs. Outsourcing To an IT Support Company

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